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Dive centre "MyDive"

     Dive center "MY DIVE" is one of the most beautiful atolls of Maldives Addu Atoll, located in the very South of the Maldives archipelago, 14 kilometers South of the equator. To fly to it through all the Maldives with a magnificent view is a real pleasure! 

   Our centre "MY DIVE" located on the island of Feydhoo (Feydhoo), two kilometers from the international airport of Gan. There is always great weather, clean and clear water, untouched nature, and of course many unique dive sites to dive! Thanks to the amazing underwater world, the island has become very popular among divers all over the world. Novices and experienced  divers and lovers of snorkeling and snorkel  come here to enjoy pristine coral reefs. Among experienced divers  dive site Drop Offs  is very popular, leaving indelible impressions for its cave landscapes, as well as dive site Wrack, known for extraordinary fields of coral placemat. All dive sites are very close and  there are many different variants for each diver: 


 2.GULDA  LA  MAGU The napaleon / Octopus / Pristine corals

 3. UMARU`S  PLACE Large turtle / Napoleon / Lobster

 4. BODU, KUDA HOHOLA – Caves / Green turtle / (Kev.diving)

 5. KUDA KANDU BEYRU – Beautiful corals/ fish species

 6,7,8,9. BUSHY WEST CHANNEL – Dolphins / Octopus / Turtle / (Drift.diving with the tide)

 10. BUSHY BEYRU - Untouched corals / Moray

 11,12. BUSHY EAST CHANNEL – Reef sharks / Manta rays / (Drift.diving with the tide)

 13. MUDAKAN  CHANNEL (MANTA POINT) – Manti large flocks / (Every day, Drift.diving with the tide)

 14. MAAKANDU BEYRU – Beautiful corals/ fish species

 15. ISMAHELLAA BEYRU The Hammerhead shark / Turtle / Whitetip reef shark

 16. MEEDHOO BEYRU – The Hammerhead shark / Pristine corals / Clams

 17. HULHUDHOO BEYRU – Blacktip shark /Grey shark

 18,19. VILIGILI CHANNEL – Dolphins / Octopuses / Manta / Hammerhead Shark

 20. MELIKEDE BEYRU Reef shark / Lobster / Octopus

 21,22. GAN CHANNEL Manta rays / reef Whitetip shark

 23. KAHANBU FARU – Sharks nurse Turtle / Octopus

 24. DIGIHERA – Beautiful corals/ fish species

 25. FEN MULI TIGER sharks / Napaleon / Pristine corals

 26. BRITISH LOYALITY – The biggest wreck in the Maldives 140m long (wrec diving)

 27. FIHALI FARA – Beautiful corals/ fish species

 28. THORAA – Reef shark / Lobster / Octopus

 29.SANDRA THILA - Eels/ Turtles

 30. MULI INSIDE – Beautiful corals/ fish species

 31. ВАNANA REEF – Garden eels / Triggers / flocks of sladkogo / Moray

 32. MEDU GAA – Beautiful corals/ fish species

 33. ARIVARA – Dolphins / Octopus / Turtle 

 34. AA GALAA - Turtle/ fish species

     Dive center "MY DIVE" offers programs  of dives and excursions for every taste and the entire period of holidays! For those who wish to scuba dive, we have a SUPER offer: UNDERWATER MOTORBIKE! To operate it even a child can do!

                                        Come, try to dvie, You will really enjoy it!

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